Melange PR handles publicly, branding initiatives and editorial placement for small businesses. Our exclusive focus is working with designers who create and sell their own product.

Melange PR has established solid media contacts with both the national media  as well as local contacts in key cities around the country. Our clients have appeared in prestigious media outlets such as Good Day New York, ABC, Elle, essence and numerous others.

With over 7 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry, our specialists have made a firm niche in lifestyle / consumer products, health, beauty and fashion public relations.

Our signature service

Melange PR is dedicated to the following:

  • Creating positive brand imaging
  • Managing day-to-day detail with a focus towards the completion of a successful project
  • Keeping clients informed of progress
  • Making suggestions to enhance that process

Flat rate includes*:

  • Customized PR Program tailored to your company’s individual needs
  • Press kit layouts
  • Drafting press releases
  • Creating national print, radio, internet and television buzz for your site and product
  • Pitching to local media outlets
  • Facilitating PR sample requests, coordinating editorial coverage / desk side appointments between you and all interested parties
  • Consulting on expansion of product lines and strategies for market, website look and overall image

* contingent upon the terms of the client’s PR agreement